Get Wisdom Nwanne m

Biafra-e1447178440652ON BIAFRA!

Thou shall get brain and use it wisely

One would ask why the ‘agitation’ or perhaps the benefits to the ‘agitators’? So deafening  and irritating is the noise from my Nwa nne m from the east on this supposedly dancing for the market day masquerade of Biafra decent.

I spent some 9months in Anambra state while serving and I have this rare opportunity to mingle with Anambrians – perhaps I moved around to visit some of their towns. It was a wonderful experience after the camp in Umunaya, Oyi Local government. The opka (like moimoi), Beans mixed with Utazi vegetable leaves, those flexible garri coined with bitter leave… one can only ask for a refreshing natural life at Oraifite, Ifite – Ekwusigo Local Government, Ozubulu, Anambra state.

I digress…

I tutored the SS 3 class on government subject and gave them some eye opening history on the civil war (on the topic – Political Riots in Nigeria). When I noticed a one sided arguments from them. Perhaps they hate Awolowo… lol whom they assumed was a betrayal.

Chinua Achebe released his memoir on Civil War – There was a country where he wrote his account with one sided story and tone of hatred and annihilation. As well I read the account of Foreign Policy of Nigeria as well as Biafra FP during the war  as analysed by Prof Omole (OAU,Ile-Ife). One can not but read another view from a northerner who also gave a boring but one sided account of the civil war as well. Adding all these together one can come out with different hypotheses.

I digress…

My stay in Anambra revealed to me the hatred that exist among clans, towns and states in the east. The igbos know that. Now coming together at the expense of Nnamdi Kanu’s pogrom call is very questionable. If the easterners had  valid reasons to break away in the 1960s where many suffered, lives we’re lost and a lot we’re destroyed as a result of the war, one would ask; what are the reasons for breaking away in this century? Underdevelopment? or Religious Bigotry? *smiles

There are thriving businesses in Onitsha International Market, Innoson Motors in Nnewi, Aba Market and loads of successful firms and business units as little as a chemist shop to the bigger plants and several educational institutions. Should these lay to waste again at the expense of Nnamdi’s command?

The Eastern Nigeria is blessed and thriving. Those who are shouting around the sreets raising placards for Nnamdi Kanu should go to their homestead and ask questions about war experience from their old grannies.

Meanwhile, Thou shall not forget that Ojukwu’s family are highly placed in today’s Nigeria government circles. I strongly hope others advocating for Biafra are right in the Eastern part of Nigeria and not in Lagos, London or the US. And I hope those carrying placards aren’t miscreants that usually parade Onsa Market or those in Up Iweka?

Gowon Kuku declared – No victor No Vanquished!

Thou shall get brain and use it wisely!

E lo simi ariwo!


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