My Digital Artistry; The Birth

The world is now a global village where borders seem to be a virtual barricade existing only on maps. Give a young boy a gadget – and a considerable knowledge on how to use ITs – he will travel around the world in the corner of his room. The world is so much compacted!
Thanks to break-through in technology! I can boldly say every professional works as been fully digitized – in the developed world of course – and we are not but stuck in advancing our knowledge in its integration in developing countries such as mine, Nigeria!

My keen interest in visual art is in-born. Art is life! Art is bae ! Overtime, I’ve looked out for a way of escaping the stress of mixing colours on pallet or the stress of mounting canvass, or the stress of carrying canvass about. Again, I repeat thanks to technology!

Second sketch on CorelDraw painter. 

I was caught in the web of digital world when a mentor of mine decided to give me a birthday gift even before my birthday; WACOM INTUOS. If you know don’t about it, just use I knew I’ll need some tutorials, and couldn’t satisfy my need but youtube did – where there are millions of several channels on how to do this, how to do that – you might want to learn via Youtube too…

Having seen the DOs and DONTs of digitial paitings, I used corelPaint X5 to do some magic. Below, don’t laugh at me. Lol. Like Fine wine, I can only get better by the passing of each day.


First ever digital painting practice on CorelPainter. Titled : Atelewo (Yoruba name for Palm) 

Animal skecth series : Kiniun Oloola iju (Lion, King of the jungle). Digital painting. Medium = Photoshop 

Stages – Painting of Bishop Oyejola. Medium = Photoshop CS4

Stage 2

Catch the stages’ glimpse on my IG page @jide_durowoju 

Graphics design; 2015 review

2015 was dope back to back.  Few of my designs are featured below. ALWAYS BRINGING  YOUR THOUGHTS TO LIMELIGHT!

Twitter: @olajidedurowoju

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2015 designs – flex banner and drop down –  from ImagoDei Montage™